Top 5 Spy Gadgets

흥신소 Spies may not be able to carry around jetpacks, but they can use a variety of spy gadgets. From listening devices to GPS trackers, these gadgets allow a spy to gather information and evade capture.


These gadgets are more accessible than ever, making espionage less like the stuff of James Bond movies and more like a consumer industry. Whether you’re investigating a suspected shoplifter or want to keep an eye on your kids, there is a spy device to fit the bill.

Video Walkie-Talkie Toy

These video walkie-talkies for kids allow parents to monitor their children’s adventures in real time. They’re easy to set up and sync, and have an intelligent alarm that warns if kids wander too far from their channel.

The set comes with two walkie-talkies that work up to 130′ apart, and a lanyard for each. They’re a great choice for kids who like to play outdoors.

The gadgets have a dual camera lens that shoots 1080p videos and a selfie mode. It also offers 13 photo frames, 8 distorted mirror effects, and 8 filter effects to develop kids’ photography skills. The call lock button that stops other players from talking is a big draw for younger kids.


As drones gain popularity for both personal and professional use, hackers are developing ways to intercept the data they transmit from the controller to the drone. These attacks can cause drones to fly randomly and to take control of other UAVs. While many of these attacks use software to intercept drones’ wireless data, there are some practical steps that can be taken to prevent this from happening. This drone features a GPS-tracking system, which allows it to follow a subject with pinpoint accuracy.

Eight Tools in One

A multi-tool with eight functions and nine features in six inches of high-strength, heat-treated stainless steel, the Eight Tools in One is a tough tool suited for demanding work at home or in the field. Expert painters, carpenters and handymen will appreciate its ability to set nails, scrape, open cans, spread compound, clean rollers, open/clean cracks, and more. This Army-style multi-tool also includes hex wrenches labeled in inch and metric sizes, making it easy for users to select the correct head for the job. No LED light is included. Six year warranty. Made in USA. Click here for more info.

Hidden Camera

This hidden camera looks like a smoke detector so it’s hard to spot. It also gives you live playback through an app, allowing you to spy from anywhere.

This cutting-edge device is small enough to be sewn into clothing or placed in a handbag, giving you a flexible use case. Plus, it plugs into an outlet so you can be sure it won’t run out of power.

This gadget is great for spotting hidden cameras in hotel rooms or Airbnb homes. It can even help you ensure your kids or elderly family members are safe. It detects the lens and RF signals that indicate a hidden camera. It’s also easy to set up.

Spy Pen Blaster

If your child goes through a phase where they want to be a spy or ninja then this is the perfect set of toys to let them take their adventures to the next level. They can track suspects with the telescopic feature and even zap them with the laser light.

Keep an eye on babysitters or other guests in your home without them knowing using this hidden camera. Discreetly recorded in an AC adapter this camera will allow you to monitor anyone entering your home.

Choosing the best spy pen can be a challenging task. You need to consider the essential features of these gadgets including battery timings, camera pixels, activation and recording quality.

Fingerprint Collecting Kit

Collecting fingerprints is an important part of crime scene investigations. These kits can be used to identify suspects and record important clues at the scene of a crime. They feature dusting powder, a stamp pad, a brush, a magnifier, and classification cards. The kit is available in a variety of styles and is designed for kids.

The kit contains dusting powder that appears black when dusted on a light-colored surface and silver when it’s lifted from a dark-colored surface. It also includes clear lifting tape and a Zephyr fiberglass brush.

Students can collect fingerprints of family members to help them investigate the inheritance and variation of traits. This investigation supports all three High School NGSS.

360-Degree Motion Alarm

A ceiling mount 360 degree motion sensor uses the same method of detection as regular PIR devices. This means that it looks for the changes in infrared energy that occur with movement and will activate and send an alert to your system when a change is detected.

These sensors work with a wireless RF signal and connect to your alarm panel via a compatible wireless receiver. They can be hardwired or wireless and you can create different rules that will trigger when motion is detected.

Users often mount these sensors directly above doors or windows so that when someone tries to open those areas, the motion sensor will detect the movement and trigger an alert. This can help deter unwanted entry.

Spy Tools Set

Awarded Product of the Year by Creative Child Magazine, this set provides junior spies with all the tools they need to complete their secret missions. It features four micro gadgets including a spy light, invisible ink pen, motion alarm and micro listener. It also includes a utility belt and adjustable spy gear for kids to play with again and again.

Help your child track down their targets with this spy gadget that teaches them how to collect fingerprints from their environment. It comes with an instruction booklet, fingerprint powder and stamp pad, blacklight pen and crime-scene tape for added authenticity. This kit is recommended for children aged six and up.