Curtain Tiebacks and Tassels

커튼레일설치 A curtain tieback is a great way to add elegance and style to your window treatment. They can be simple or elaborate and come in a variety of colors.


Tiebacks are available in rigid materials like metal or iron, and attach to the wall near a window frame. They also wrap around a curtain.

Curtain Tiebacks & Tassels

Curtain tiebacks are a decorative window treatment that accompanies a fabric curtain and help to secure it against the wall. Nova Trimmings stock a wide range of different curtain tassel tie backs and a selection of rope tiebacks to create a fresh new decorating look for your curtains. Tassel tiebacks in particular can give your curtains a tailored and expensive look. These tiebacks are made up of a set of tassels that are connected to a braid or rope with one or two loops which then secure around the curtain.

Crown & Crystal Tieback

Bring the elegance of a royal palace into your own home with this beautiful curtain tieback. The unique design features a row of small plastic circles with indentations that create the look of diamonds. Use this decorative tieback to hold back your curtains or drapes, and use the mounting hardware included for easy installation.

This decorative tieback is a lovely choice for modern homes with neutral color schemes. The 20 strands of wooden 커튼레일설치 beads are each lovingly hand-carved, so no two tiebacks will be exactly alike. This is an elegant tieback to pair with casual or lightweight linen draperies, and it looks especially gorgeous when paired with metallic accents like bronze and gold.

For a more romantic or feminine style, you can also try attaching a tiara as a curtain holdback to your window treatments. These can be purchased at costume, toy or party stores, and you can even find them in various colors to match your home’s color scheme.

During the holidays, you can make your windows feel more festive with natural materials like pine cones, twigs and bells. You can also try tying ribbons or silk flowers to your curtains, and these will help your home feel warm and cozy for fall or winter.

Braided Rope Tieback

Pros: This heavy-duty tieback is designed to hold thicker curtains and provides a nice decorative touch. Its simple assembly includes one hook or screw that fastens into a small hole you drill into the wall.

Its oversized tassels have a stylish, sophisticated look that complements many types of drapes in living and dining rooms. This set of two also adds a luxurious feel to your space, thanks to the nickel-plated brass construction and smooth crystal beads.

This braided rope tieback is another option that can handle thicker curtains and looks great on any window. The design consists of a large, braided rope loop with a ball that can be tied in half or all the way around the curtain. This type of tieback eliminates the need for curtain hooks and is easy to remove, making it a safer choice for homes with young children.

These tiebacks use a simple button and loop fastener that makes it easy to secure the tieback against the wall, but they’re flexible enough to move to accommodate any curtain. They’re available in a variety of colors to match your decor and have an embrasse of 36cm (14 inches) that allows them to make a single turn around thin or sheer curtains. They’re made from unbleached cotton and are decorated with a manrope knot at the joined end of the eye splice.

Decorative Tassels

In interior design, a curtain tieback is a kind of “soft furnishing” that accompanies a cloth curtain. It is generally considered to be part of window hardware, along with curtain rods, cornices and other fixtures such as latches, hinges and push bars.

The most common curtain tieback is a simple rope or braid with one or two loops that are secured to each other by a knot. Some designs feature tassels attached to the ends of the loops.

Decorative tassels are used to add an embellished touch to the look of curtains and draperies. Tassels come in different styles and colors to match any design theme. A tassel can be made from any material such as yarn, thread, twine or ribbon. To make a tassel, start with a piece of yarn or thread that is at least twice as long as the height you want your tassel to be. Wrap the yarn around a book 15 times (if you do more wraps, your tassel will be wider). Tighten the wrapping and cut off the excess strand.

The tassel is the hallmark of traditional dining-room decor, but the elegant accent is just as at home in casual spaces. It’s also a fun way to bring festive flair to holiday dinners. Hang a few chair tassels from the back of your chairs to instantly elevate the atmosphere of any mealtime gathering.