How long should you wait until second date

how long should you leave it before a second date - : the main problem with asking at the end of your date is that it’s hard to say ‘no’ if you are face-to-face, so it might not give true reflection of what your date would say if you asked by phone or e-mail. ” guys also love this kind of thing: dan allen, of san antonio, tx, says, “one of my best-ever first kisses was when my date gently raked her nails through my hair—that get my nerve endings revved in an unexpected way. : this option gives your date time to think, but doesn’t leave them waiting so long that they’ve already given up hope and started to justify why you wouldn’t make a perfect couple anyway. : three days is known as ‘the magic three’ by some dating experts as it’s regarded as being long enough that you don’t look too keen, but not so long that you look rude.

First Date Was Great. How Long Should You Wait Before Asking Her For A Second Date?

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