How do you know you re dating your best friend

how you know you're dating your best friend - ñol: salir con tu mejor amigo, italiano: uscire con il tuo migliore amico, русский: начать встречаться со своим лучшим другом или подругой, português: namorar seu melhor amigo(a), deutsch: mit deinem besten freund zusammen sein, français: fréquenter sa meilleure amie. Some people say that phone calls between couples should only last a few minutes or the guy will end up in the "friend zone" because his girlfriend will start telling him everything. But it's nice to know that if you did start dating your best friend, they'll just slide right into family gatherings and skip right past the awkward "meet my family" stage. If you, for example, had been close friends for two years, you are two years ahead in getting to know each other and two years more comfortable with each other.

When You Date Your Best Friend

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