Can a guy date a girl taller than him

would a guy date a girl taller than him - One told me he had repeatedly been matched with tall girls only for them to reject him when they found out he was 5ft 9in - which is actually ‘i personally would be happy to date a man who is shorter than me, and in fact i have on many occasions – but i know from speaking to friends that i’m in the minority. Site data reveals women are highly concerned about a man's heightwhile similarity is preferable in other areas, height is the one area where singles - especially females - don't mind a discrepancycomes from women's primal urge to feel 'delicate and secure'study last year revealed woman is taller in just one in 25 uk couples. Using data collected from online dating advertisements and experimental research, the study, conducted by rice university and the university of north texas found that women are far more concern with dating a man who is taller than they are than men are with  dating a shorter woman. A study published in the national bureau of economic research in august found that shorter men tend to divorce at lower rates (though it also found that men who are shorter than their spouses do less housework than men who are taller than their spouses).

Is It Weird To Date A Shorter Guy? (+ Taller Girls)

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